Welcome to Stuttgart Airport Busterminal


Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (UTC+2)

1. Januar 2017

20 °C

🚩 17 km/h      ☔ 42 %

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Plan Expected Route Destination Organizer Platform Status
18:30 18:30
30111 München via Ulm approaching BlaBlaBus approaching
19:00 19:00
03448 Frankfurt via Karlsruhe, Mannheim approaching Crnja Tours d.o.o. approaching
20:25 20:25
03424 Vinkovci via München, Salzburg, Zagreb approaching Crnja Tours d.o.o. approaching
20:30 20:30
- Paris approaching Jost Touristik approaching
20:30 20:30
- Frankfurt approaching Kantic Line d.o.o approaching
20:50 20:50
30146 Paris-Bercy via Straßburg, Metz approaching BlaBlaBus approaching
21:00 21:00
- Frankfurt approaching Kantic Touristik d.o.o. approaching
0:00 0:00
30076 München Flughafen via Ulm, München ZOB approaching BlaBlaBus 9 approaching
0:30 0:30
- Zagreb via München, Ljubljana approaching Nomago d.o.o. 7 approaching
1:10 1:10
0431 Dortmund approaching Eurolines/Touring 9 approaching


Due to the current restrictions and effects of the coronavirus, long-distance bus traffic has almost come to a standstill. Regional bus lines and RELEX buses will continue to operate as scheduled until further notice. Changes can be found in the VVS timetable. The resumption of long-distance bus services is currently planned for 28.05.2020. For further information please contact your travel agent.

Due to the restrictions or cancellations in long-distance bus services, the services at the bus terminal will be limited or cancelled.

The Deutsche Touring GmbH operations centre is not manned on site until further notice. You can reach us from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. on the following hotline: 0711 / 948 - 5223 For further information on the corona virus, please use the homepage of Stuttgart Airport or the Federal Ministry of Health.

Please note: Since 27.04.2020 the obligation to cover your mouth and nose has been in force in public transport! This also applies to bus platforms. For your own safety, please maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m from other people and observe the current contact restrictions.